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The Gallery

Welcome to Artessence Gallery. Click on any of the pictures below to view the artworks of each of our featured artists. Whether you are a fan of realism, abstract, photography, oil paintings, pastels, surf art, lino-cuts or whatever, we have an artist to suit! Enjoy exploring the works of our local artists. If you see something you love, contact us on 02 6495 7286 or email at and we can give you more information about the art, the artist, the price and availability.

This collection is just a selection of the art available from Artessence Gallery. We display art from other local artists in the gallery including ceramics, textiles and jewellery. Visit the gallery to see more.

Katherine Boland
Cheryl Davison
Boardwalk Calm W.jpg
Rob Evans
Pambula Rocks W.jpg
Nicki Hall
Andrew Jeeves
Point of View W.jpg
Lyza Morrison
Summertime W.jpg
Pauline Cantwell
Treetops W.jpg
Brian Davidson
Mallacoota Gum 1 W.jpg
Libby Greig
Top Lake Dinghy watermarked.jpg
Di Hocking
Resting at Snug Cove W.jpg
Sam Klobasa
Schooling Around W.jpg
Harry Pidgeon
Lizard W.jpg
Lee Cruse
Peter Dunne
Short Point W.jpg
Nicole Grimm-Hewitt
Weathered Thong W (2).jpg
Eamonn Jackson
Tathra Wharf in an expansive Mood W.jpg
David Mills
Demanding W.jpg
Richard Siemens
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